Digital Marketing Course in Meghani nagar

Digital Marketing Course in Meghani nagar

Digital Marketing Course in Meghani nagar ,Ahmedabad

2024 – Digital Marketing Course in Meghani nagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Digital Marketing Classes Meghani nagar , Ahmedabad.

Myself Mehul Panchal Provide SEO Training in Meghani nagar or Digital Marketing Course in Meghani nagar, Ahmedabad city location since 2024. We Provide Best Digital Marketing Training in Ahmedabad with Latest Syllabus and Less Fees. 

Our Digital Marketing Course in Meghaninagar Ahmedabad. Digital Marketing Classes in Meghaninagar Ahmedabad. Advanced Digital Marketing Syllabus are as below

Module 1Keyword Research

  • What is Keyword in SEO?
  • How to Identify Related Keywords to respective Business?
  • How keywords help in Content Writing
  • Tools Used for Keyword Research
  • Uber Suggest Tool Vs Google Keyword Planner
  • Analyzing competitor keywords and tools used.
  • What is Keyword Search Volume and Difficulty?
  • How to Choose Right Keyword
  • Factors need to consider while doing Keyword research
  • How to Prepare Keyword Research Template?

Module 2: On Page SEO

  • Title and Meta tag Optimization
  • Keyword Placement
  • Content Optimization
  • URL re-writing/ renaming.
  • URL Canonicalization also known as Standardization (301 redirects using.htaccess code).
  • Targeting Different Keywords (Primary and Secondary Keywords)
  • Understanding UI and UX Structure of Website
  • Importance of Schema Tag.
  • Competitor Analysis.
  • Minify HTML, CSS and Js Files
  • Header Tag Importance in Landing Page
  • Importance of H1, H2, H3 Tags.
  • Difference Between XML and HTML Sitemap
  • Robots Text Creation and Its use.
  • Keyword density Check.
  • Anchor Tag Optimization
  • Structure Snippets.
  • How to Rank in Zeroth Position
  • How to Reduce Loading Time of Website?
  • Compress Images and Optimize Image
  • Reducing Page Size Content
  • Internal Linking and External Linking
  • URL Structure
  • Prepare On Page SEO Template

Module 3: Google Search Console

  • Adding Website to Google Search Console
  • Verify Website with Different Methods
  • Use of Google Search Console
  • Configuration Settings.
  • URL Parameters.
  • Search Analytics Reports.
  • Crawl Errors/Stats.
  • Google Fetch.
  • Blocking the Crawler and blocking pages.
  • Traffic Generating.
  • Search Queries.
  • Links to Site / Internal Links.
  • Resubmitting Sitemaps.
  • txt tester.
  • Remove/ Temporarily hide URL’s from search results.
  • Remove URL’s from index.
  • Warning Suggestion
  • Rich Snippets.
  • Back Link Analysis

Module 4: Google Analytics

  • What is Google Analytics?
  • Use of Google Analytics?
  • Difference Between Universal Analytics Vs Global Analytics
  • How to Setup Google Analytics?
  • How to Track Website
  • For mobile app VS Website Vs AMP Website tracking
  • Linking other google products like Search Console with google ads
  • Schedule Email Reports
  • Google analytics Key Term Metric
  • Creating Event and Goals
  • Audience Reports
  • Demographics Reports
  • Geo Report
  • Behaviour Report
  • Engagement Report
  • Real Time Report
  • Benchmarking Report
  • Users Flow Report
  • E-commerce Report
  • Adwords Report
  • Social Report
  • Search Console Report

Module 5:Part of Off-Page Optimization in SEO

  • Directory Submissions.
  • Social Bookmarking.
  • Slide share Submission.
  • Blog Commenting.
  • Classified Submissions.
  • Guest Blogging.
  • Article Submission.
  • Press Release Submission.
  • Deep Linking.
  • Search Engine Submission.
  • Image Submission.
  • Google Reviews.
  • Google Mapping.
  • Quora answers.

Module 6: Website Auditing

  • Tools used for Website Audit
  • Benefits of Doing Auditing
  • Website Auditing factors

Module 7: SEO Proposal Preparation

  • How to Prepare Proposal
  • Factors need to add in proposal
  • How to Explain Proposal to Client?

Module 8: Freelance SEO Project

  • What is Freelance?
  • How to Find Freelance SEO Project?
  • How to Approach Clients
  • How to Charge for SEO Project

Module 9: Tools Used for SEO

  • Gtmetrix Tool
  • Google Analytics and Search Console
  • Small seo tools
  • Moz SEO Tool
  • Pingdom
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • All in one Webmaster
  • Seoptimer
  • Yoast Plugin
  • Indexation Checker tool
  • Schema Tag Generator tools
  • Sitemap Generation tools
  • Google Page Speed Insights
  • Panda Penalty Checker tools
  • Tiny Jpg and Removebg
  • Broken links Checker
  • Ubersuggest
  • Google Trends
  • Similar Web Vs Alexa
  • Sitemap Generator
  • Google Search Console

Module 10: Google Algorithm

  • Google Panda
  • Google Pigeon
  • Google Penguin
  • Google Mobile Friendly

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