Digital Marketing Course in Barmer

Digital Marketing Course in Barmer

Digital Marketing Course in Barmer, RajasthanOffline Digital Marketing Course in Barmer, Rajasthan  – Online Digital Marketing Course in Barmer, Rajasthan – Digital Marketing Classes in Barmer , Rajasthan  / Personal Digital Marketing Course in Barmer , Rajasthan Available Here.

Digital Marketing Course in Barmer , Rajasthan – SEO Training in Barmer , Best SEO Course in Barmer , SEO Services in Barmer.

Search Engine Optimization Course( SEO ) 

        • What are Search Engines and Basics?

        • HTML Basics.

        • On Page Optimization.

        • Off Page Optimization.

        • Essentials of good website designing & Much More.

      Content Marketing Course

            • Content Marketing Overview and Strategy

            • Content Marketing Channels

            • Creating Content

            • Content Strategy & Challenges

            • Image Marketing

            • Video Marketing

            • Measuring Results

      Website Structuring 

            • What is Website?- Understanding website

            • How to register Site & Hosting of site?

            • Domain Extensions 

      Website Creation Using WordPress

            • Web Page Creation

            • WordPress Themes, Widgets, Plugins

            • Contact Forms, Sliders, Elementor 

      Blog Writing

            • Blogs Vs Website

            • How to write blogs for website

            • How to select topics for blog writing

            • AI tools for Blog writing 

      Google Analytics

            • Introduction

            • Navigating Google Analytics

            • Sessions

            • Users

            • Traffic Source

            • Content

            • Real Time Visitors

            • Bounce Rate%

            • Customization

            • Reports

            • Actionable Insights

            • Making Better Decisions 

      Understand Acquisition & Conversion 

            • Traffic Reports

            • Events Tracking

            • Customization Reports

            • Actionable Insights

            • Making Better Decisions

            • Comparision Reports 

      Google Search Console 

            • Website Performance

            • Url Inspection

            • Accelerated Mobile Pages

            • Google index

            • Crawl

            • Security issues

            • Search Analytics

            • Links to your Site

            • Internal Links

            • Manual Actions 

      Search Optimization Introduction

            • What is voice engine optimization?

            • How do you implement voice search optimization?

            • Why you should optimize your website for voice search?

      E Commerce SEO Course Work

      Introduction to E commerce SEO

      What is e-commerce SEO?

      How Online Stores Can Drive Organic Traffic

      Google My Business : Local Listings

            • What is Local SEO

            • Importance of Local SEO

            • Submission to Google My Business

            • Completing the Profile

            • Local SEO Ranking Signals

            • Local SEO Negative Signals

            • Citations and Local

            • Submissions

      Social Media Optimization Course

            • What is Social Media?

            • How social media help Business?

            • Establishing your online identity.

            • Engaging your Audience.

            • How to use Groups, Forums, etc.

      Facebook Marketing Course

            • How can Facebook be used to aid my business?

            • Developing a useful Company / fan Page

            • Establishing your online identity.

            • Engaging your Audience, Types of posts, post scheduling

            • How to create & use Groups

            • Importance of Hashtags & how to use them

      Twitter Organic

      Basic concepts – from setting-up optimally, creating a Twitter business existence, to advanced marketing procedures and strategies.

            • How to use Twitter

            • What are hashtags, Lists

            • Twitter Tools

            • Popular Twitter Campiagns

      LinkedIn Marketing Course (Organic )

            • Your Profile: Building quality connections & getting recommendations from others

            • How to use Groups-drive traffic with news & discussions

            • How to create LinkedIn Company Page & Groups

            • Engaging your Audience.

      Youtube Marketing Course (Organic)

            • How to create YouTube channel

            • Youtube Keyword Research

            • Publish a High Retention Video

            • YouTube ranking factors

            • YouTube Video Optimization

            • Promote Your Video

            • Use of playlists

      Video SEO 

            • YouTube Keyword Research

            • Publish a High Retention Video

            • YouTube Ranking Factors

            • YouTube Video Optimization

      Youtube Monetization

            • YouTube channel monetization policies

            • How Does YouTube Monetization Work?

            • YouTube monetization requirements

      Social Media Tools

            • What are the main types of social media tools?

            • Top Social Media Tools You Need to Use

            • Tools used for Social Media Management

      Social Media Automation

            • What is Social Media Automation?

            • Social Media Automation/ Management Tool

            • Buffer/ Hootsuite/ Postcron

            • Setup Connection with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Etc.

            • Add/ Remove Profiles in Tools

            • Post Scheduling in Tools

            • Performance Analysis

      Facebook Ads

            • How to create Business Manager Accounts

            • What is Account, Campaign, Ad Sets, Ad Copy

            • How to Create Campaigns on Facebook

            • What is Budget & Bidding

            • Difference Between Reach & Impressions

            • Facebook Retargeting

      Instagram Marketing Courses ( Organic & Paid Ads)

            • Text Ads and Guidelines

            • Image Ad Formats and Guidelines

            • Landing Page Optimization.

            • Performance Metrics: CTR, Avg. Position, Search Term

            • Report, Segment Data Analysis, Impression Shares

            • AdWords Policies, Ad Extensions 

      Linkedin Ads  

        • How to create Campaign Manager Account

        • What is Account, Campaign Groups, Campaigns

        • Objectives for Campaigns

        • Bidding Strategies

        • Detail Targeting

      Youtube Advertising 

        • How to run Video Ads?

        • Types of Video Ads:

      Google PPC

            • Ad-Words Account Setup

            • Bidding and Budget

            • Schedule: Start date, end date, ad scheduling

            • Ad delivery: Ad rotation, frequency capping

            • Ad groups and Keywords

      Search Ads / Text Ads

            • Text Ads and Guidelines

            • Landing Page Optimization

            • Performance Metrics: CTR, Avg. Position, Search Term

            • Report, Segment Data Analysis, Impression Shares

            • AdWords Policies, Ad Extensions

            • Types of Keywords: Exact, Broad, Phrase

            • Bids & BudgetHo   

      Image Ads

            • Targeting Methods: Keywords, Topics, Placement Targeting

            • Image Ad Formats and Guidelines 

            • Target Audience Strategies

      Video Ads 

            • How to Video Ads

            • Types of Video Ads

            • Skippable in stream ads

            • Non-skippable in stream ads

            • Bumper Ads

            • How to link Google AdWords Account to YouTube Channel 

      Discovery Ads 

            • What are Discovery Ads

            • How to Create Discovery Ads

            • Bidding Strategies

            • How to track conversions 

      Bidding Strategies in Google Ads 

            • Different Bidding Strategies in Google AdWords

            • CPC bidding, CPM bidding, CPV bidding

            • How to calculate CTR

            • What are impressions, impression shares 

      Performance Planner

      Lead create after ranking Result 

            • Why Lead Generation Is Important?

            • Understanding the Landing Page

            • Understanding Thank You Page

            • Landing Page Vs. Website

            • Best Practices to Create Landing Page

            • Best Practices to Create Thank You Page

            • What Is A/B Testing?

            • How to Do A/B Testing?

            • Converting Leads into Sale

            • Understanding Lead Funnel 

      Conversion Tracking Tool 

            • Introduction to Conversion Optimization

            • Conversion Planning

            • Landing Page Optimization

      Remarking and Conversion 

            • What is conversion

            • Implementing conversion tracking

            • Conversion tracking

            • Remarketing in adwords

            • Benefits of remarketing strategy

            • Building remarketing list & custom targets

            • Creating remarketing campaign

      Quora Marketing

            • How to Use Quora for Marketing

            • Quora Marketing Strategy for Your Business

      Growth Hacking Topic

            • Growth Hacking Basics

            • Role of Growth Hacker

            • Growth Hacking Case Studies

      Introduction to Affiliate Marketing Course

            • Understanding Affiliate Marketing

            • Sources to Make money online

            • Applying for an Affiliate

            • Payments & Payouts

            • Blogging

      Introduction to Google Adsense 

            • Basics of Google Adsense

            • Adsense code installation

            • Different types of Ads

            • Increasing your profitability through Adsense

            • Effective tips in placing video, image and text ads into your website correctly

      Google Tag Manager

            • Adding GTM to your website

            • Configuring trigger & variables

            • Set up AdWords conversion tracking

            • Set up Google Analytics

            • Set up Google Remarketing

            • Set up LinkedIn Code

      Email Marketing


        • Introduction to Email Marketing basic.
            • How does Email Marketing Works.B

            • Building an Email List.

            • Creating Email Content.

            • Optimising Email Campaign.

            • CAN SPAM Act

            • Email Marketing Best Practices

      SMS Marketing

                 Setting up account for Bulk SMS

      Naming the Campaign & SMS

        • SMS Content

        • Character limits

        • SMS Scheduling

      Media Buying 

            • Advertising: Principles, Concepts and Management

            • Media Planning

      whatsapp Marketing

            • Whatsapp Marketing Strategies

            • Whatsapp Business Features

            • Business Profile Setup

            • Auto Replies

      Influencer Marketing Course

      Major topics covered are, identifying the influencers, measuring them, and establishing a relationship with the influencer. A go through the influencer marketing case studies.

      Freelancing Projects 

            • How to work as a freelancer

            • Different websites for getting projects on Digital Marketing 

      Online Reputation Management 

            • What Is ORM?

            • Why We Need ORM

            • Examples of ORM

            • Case Study

      Resume Building 

            • How to build resume for different job profiles

            • Platforms for resume building

            • Which points you should add in Digital Marketing Resume 

      Interview Preparation 

            • Dos and Don’t for Your First Job Interview

            • How to prepare for interview

            • Commonly asked interview question & answers

      Client Pitch 

            • How to send quotation to the clients

            • How to decide budget for campaign

            • Quotation formats

      Graphic Designing Canva 

        • How to create images using tools like Canva
            • How to add effects to images

      Analysis Of other website  

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